DIY Gold Rimmed Acrylic Jewelry Box

gold trim acrylic jewelry box

Happy Wednesday, guys!  I’ve got a really fun (and very glam) DIY for you today that I think you’ll love! It’s a gold trimmed acrylic jewelry box and it’s made from the same clear frames we used for our New Years Eve party trays!  It’s a brilliant use for a cheap find.

It’s easier than I thought to create a custom box with these clear plastic frames, I added a bit of gold into the inside corners of the frames just for a chic geometric type detail.   You could even add some pretty felt or patterned paper to the bottom of your creation for added customization.

Gold rimmed jewelry box gold frame acrylic jewelry box

Want to give this DIY a try?  Keep reading for step by step photos and instructions as well as links to purchase any of the materials!

acrylic and gold jewelry box


acrylic jewelry box tutorial

ONE place painters tape over the place you’ll put the hinges.  Mark your drilling spot directly onto the tape.  Drill through the plastic and tape where you made your marks.  Drill at a high speed without pushing hard on the drill. TWO screw the hinges into place. If they’re a little wobbly, use sped glue under the hinges and screws for extra hold. THREE using the paint pen, trace along the inner corners of the top and bottom frames. FOUR place four non-skid pads onto the bottom of your box.

optional: If you’d like to purchase separate screws which are shorter and not sharp (but the same width!), that would work since you’re pre-drilling your holes anyway. I did not do that here, but in hindsight, I would.

gold lined jewelry box

There, wasn’t that easy?  How would you customize your jewelry box?

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