DIY Industrial TP Holder (Yes, TP!)

diy industrial toilet paper holder

Ok, so I know toilet paper isn’t a glamourous topic.  And I suppose neither are the ceiling fans we discussed yesterday, but sometimes home design and ownership is about a little more than the pretty things and sometimes about the functional things as well.

For today, I wanted to share the industrial DIY toilet paper holder that I just made to complement my new bathroom redesign which I shared last week.  In the original photos I didn’t have a TP holder at all, because I was looking for something very specific. And that looking turned into a few weeks of web-scouring and coming up empty handed.  So I just kind of neglected the situation.  Well, I realized that ignorance wasn’t bliss and that just because I didn’t find that very specific thing, didn’t mean I couldn’t still have what I wanted.  I’d just have to make it. I was looking very specifically for a black holder with just an arm… no springs, no hinges, no reasons for someone not to refill them (I think you know where I’m going here).

As a side note, I’m not a huuuge fan of the ‘rustic industrial’ design (pipes and pallets and whatnot), but I also think that a little touch here and there can be nice when mixed with some more classic elements.  After scouring shops local and online for a black holder I found a few but they were all in the $50-$120 range.  I though that was a little ridiculous, so in came the DIY.  What is even better about this DIYs $12 price tag is the five minutes it took me to complete. 




All of the piping I used was black, but also comes in silver.  I went with the 3/4″ pipe.  You could literally print this photo out, take it to the hardware store and walk out five minutes later.







I contemplated painting it flat matte black, but I decided to keep it raw metal and let it ride.  Partly because I just wanted to get the damn thing up and partly because I’m always forcing myself to add different elements to rooms so that there are varying finishes and textures.



I love the way it turned out!  I think with the light, white and bamboo accents, its a nice little touch of industrial. The majority of the bathroom is minimal and modern, and the only other industrial piece in the bathroom is the light, so the balance is nice.  Since the bathroom design was already a bit modern, it works.

AND the best part of the whole thing?  There is literally no excuse for not putting a new toilet paper roll on the holder.  It’s a hook. It’s easy. No pinched fingers from pressure rods, so springs flying around the bathroom.

So, it might be a little silly to discuss the TP here, but it’s all part of the home.  It’s all the little things that make the big picture look wonderful, right?  Going without a holder the past could of weeks was just getting on my nerves to the point where I had to just do something about it.  And if shopping the internet doesn’t yield the results you want, you gotta make something that will.

So, go ahead!  Tell me what little thing in your home you’ve been neglecting?


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