DIY Luxe Fur Pom Throw

diy fur pom throw

I have loved all of the fur pom throws I’ve seen around the webs over the past year or so and have always loved how girly and lavish they feel.  Pom poms are awesome on their own, but in fur they really shine.  I’ve always wanted to try and make one of these throws and I thought this time of year was the best to give it a try and give it to someone really deserving of a unique and elegant gift.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this DIY holiday gift with you guys. Granted, I didn’t ‘make’ the body of the blanket, but making existing things better and more beautiful is almost just as good as making something from scratch (in my mind at least).

homemade fur pom throw

homemade pom throw

The other options in the market are crazy pricey (like, over $150), but my version is under $30.  Thats enough of a savings to make one for a gift and one to keep! (keep!  keep!)

Here’s how we did it! 



ONE cut out an 8″ round piece of faux fur and make large stitches around the outside of the circle with your thread.  TWO cinch the edges of the circle in to create a little pouch.  Stuff the pouch with a baseball sized pouf of polyfill.



THREE cinch the pom closed leaving about a silver dollar sized opening.  FOUR grab a chunk of fringe from the throw and shove it into the side and around to the bottom of the polyfill.



FIVE cinch the top of the fur pom around the fringe tightly and stitch the pom totally closed, making sure to stitch through the fringe as well.

Repeat this on every section of the fringe.

luxe fur pom throw

Didn’t it turn out gorgeous?  Is it something you’d make – if not for someone else, then for yourself, right?



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