DIY Mini Wooden Succulent Planters

wooden succulent planters diy

Last week, while I was shopping for wooden ‘feet’ for my whitewashed trunk, I saw these mini wooden ‘bun’ feet and thought they’d make adorable little planters.  I have a few succulents left over from the wedding flowers I did a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted a cute way to plant them.  You see a lot of little planters like this in trendy shops and they’re always a bit more expensive than I think they should be. With just $2 for each wooden foot and $4 for a drill bit, I had 6 little succulent pots for under $15.  I would say that is a deal.

They’re pretty easy to make as well.  Just remove the original screw and drill a hole big enough to plant the succulents and that’s it! And best of all, I have the complete step-by-step project documented below, so you can make your own and we can be succulent planter twins. 



diy mini wooden succulent vase

how to make a succulent planter

diy mini succulent planter

diy wood succulent planter

diy succulent planter

succulent planter


Didn’t they turn out cute? I love that since I took a shortcut using the furniture feet, there wasn’t any sanding or shaping that needed to be done.  If you’re interested in some mini succulents like these, you can get them on Amazon for real cheap by clicking RIGHT HERE.

I would love to see your finished creation!  Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@earnesthomeco_) or on Facebook (@Earnest Home co) if you make these little gems!

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday!


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