DIY Monogram Wreath

DIY monogram wreath

I’m clearly loving monogrammed things this Christmas, and my wreath is no different.  I created this ‘S’ wreath to go in my entryway, hanging from the mirror, but have experimented with it on the back door as well (since I’m trying not to neglect the back of the house).  I find monograms are inherently preppy, which isn’t really me, but I love being a little over-the-top for the holidays.


It’s actually a super easy DIY although it looks fairly complex.  All it takes a few quick materials and 30 minutes!  

  • a length of garland (lit or unlit)
  • floral wire (get in the faux floral supply area at both Joanns & Michaels)
  • paper mache letter

I will mention that I think this works better for letters that have a lot of surface area.  It may not be ideal for an ‘I’ or ‘V’, but if you use an unlit garland, you could always trim it so that you don’t have overhang.  I used lit garland, so I had to cram the whole 6′ onto my letter.  If you do want your garland to be lit, but are using unlit garland, consider using our twinkle lights!  They’re battery operated!

monogram garland step 1

First, fold your garland in half and twist both halves together to make one thicker piece.  Then, lay it on top of your paper mache letter and get a sense for the layout.

monogram wreath step 3

Starting at one end, use floral wire to wrap around the entire letter and garland.

monogram wreath step 2

hidden battery pack

Lastly, use a serrated knife to saw off the end of the letter.  Jam your battery pack (if using one) into the recess and cap it off with the cut off end.


You can embellish the wreath in anyway you’d like!  I left mine mostly plain with just one sprig of magnolia since this mirror is adjacent to my very ornate staircase.

I love how wreaths look layered on top of mirrors!  This would be a really fun project to do with friends as well!  All in, it costs about $25 depending on what kind of garland you use, but it would be a fun night with the girls and some wine!

Have fun with this one!


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