DIY Paperclip Namecard Holders

It’s no secret that I love place cards for parties.  They make people feel special and help you to manage who goes where, which doesn’t seem like a large concern until you have 12 or so people standing around staring at each other and trying to figure out where to sit!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to use these vintage wooden spools for a while now and thought they would make a rustic and unique vehicle for a wire card holder.  Making the wire coil was easy and just uses a paperclip! Continue reading for the full instructions!

ONE unbend just one side of a jumbo paperclip, leaving the small end curved as it came.  Curl the (now) straight end around the handle of a wooden spoon. If you cannot get the very end to curl, clip it off with a pair of wire cutters.  TWO bend the portion coming off of the coil perpendicular to the coil so that the coiled part sits centered in your spool. THREE flex out the curved end that you left in the beginning to ‘V’ out, enabling the wire to hold inside the spool.  FOUR slide the finished contraption inside your wooden spool.

Although I used the wooden spools, you could use anything – an apple, votive candle, etc.   Have fun with it and be creative!

Have a FABULOUS Thursday!



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