DIY Present: Monogrammed Barware

handmade christmas gifts
When it comes to handmade gifts, I like to do a little half and half – a gift that’s partially purchased and partially hand crafted. In my family we have very low caps on our christmas gifts, so I did this for my sister a couple of years ago to try to make the most with the $25 max I had to work with.

This gift has actually turned into a big story for my family.  That year (and for this project), I went to Home Goods, purchased both the glasses and the decanter for under $20.  The time I actually made this for my sister, there was an odd turn of events however.  Me, being a little too excited to get started, etched the first wine glass before opening the rest of the glasses.  I got a ‘P’ for my sister’s last name onto the first glass and reveled in my creativity.  Then, when unpacking the rest of the glasses, I realized one of the glasses was broken.  Now, a normal person would have just realized that they had gotten ahead of themselves and bought a whole new set.  For whatever reason, I decided to return the glasses.  If they had to damage out the set because of the broken one, it wouldn’t matter that one had a ‘P’ on it, right? So I returned the set, told the associate that there was one glass broken.  Then she took out the rest of the glasses so I said, “and this glass mysteriously has a ‘P’ on it.”  The brand of the glasses was Palm Restaurants, so the associate suggested that as the reason for the mysterious ‘P’.

Why in the world did I do that?  In hindsight, I should have cut my losses and just bought a new set.  I have no clue what I was thinking but to this day, my family won’t let me live it down.  I cried, I was laughing so hard when I told the story to them. Regardless, maybe someone out there bought a 0.99 clearance ‘P’ glass and it just made their day.  That’s what I like to think.

So onto the DIY.  Similar to last time, I bought a set of wine glasses (no broken ones this time) and a decanter from Home Goods for under $20.  The etching cream I had on hand, but it’s just about $8, so it makes the whole gift under $30 and you can use the cream for other projects!

homemade gifts DIY wine glasses
Making the stencil is pretty simple. For the full tutorial,

Monogrammed Barware tutorial handmade gifts barware
ONE Print out your letter onto a piece of card stock and cut it out with a craft knife to create a template.  TWO trace around the template onto a small piece of contact paper, ensuring that you leave enough space around the letter so that the etching cream doesn’t get onto the glass aside from your cut-out letter.  THREE cut out the letter from the contact paper.  FOUR peel out the outside of the contact paper and fix it to your glass.  Be totally sure to smooth the edges around your letter so that no etching cream oozes out of the letter and there aren’t air bubbles on the edges of your letter.  There will be some air bubble, but just make sure they aren’t along the edge of the letter.  FIVE pile on a thick layer of etching cream.  I mean, really coat it on.  Let it sit for 5 minutes, then wash the cream off and remove the stencil.

monogrammed wine glasses DIY
It’s easier than it seems, but if you’re hesitant, and you have a spare glass at home, practice a little before going onto your gift.

This is definitely a go-to gift for me now. This set is going to my little brother since I am trying to give him some more grown-up type presents so he can entertain some girls (hint hint). It’s an older sister’s duty.

Anywho – How do you like it? Will you give her a spin and wow your family?

In other news – did you see my cookie recipe from yesterday? Well – big treat for ya… Today I’m participating in a virtual ‘cookie exchange’ with some of my absolute favorite bloggers organized my the amazing Victoria from Vmac + Cheese, which means that you get a bunch more recipes than just mine! Check them all out!

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