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tassel earring diy

Yesterday, I shared some of my third trimester bump style and with a breezy bohemian outfit, I wore these pretty and dangly tassel hoop earrings.   I saw some similar tassel earrings in a shop a few weeks ago for about $40 and wasn’t totally sold on the color, so I wanted to make my own.  Then I was really sold when I ended up realizing that it only cost me $6 to make these.  Are you ready to make some too?

DSC_4009 DSC_4011

Really, the entire project only takes a few things:

  1. Hoop Loops
  2. Embroidery Thread
  3. I stole the earring hook pieces (that go in your ears) off a pair that I don’t wear.

tassel earring DIY tutorial 1

First, WIND one color of embroidery thread around a piece of cut cardboard about 3″ long.  I wound the thread 12 times before REMOVING the loops from the cardboard.

tassel earring DIY tutorial 2 tassel earring DIY tutorial 3

Next, FOLD the loop around the metal earring hook, then TIE & WRAP the top of the loops with a contrasting colored thread.  I used gold.

tassel earring DIY tutorial 4 tassel earring DIY tutorial 5

Then, CUT the loops off the bottom of the tassels and trim them up.  You can ATTACH either earring hooks or even a gold chain if you’d prefer to make yourself a necklace.

tassel earring DIY tutorial 6 DSC_4010

Not only are they so fun, but they’re super light.  I am usually so bothered by earrings after one or two hours that I have to take them off, but I forgot I had these on.

Did you miss the outfit that I wore these with?  Check out yesterday’s 28 week bump post.