DIY Turned Wood Candleholders

turned wood candlesticks

I’m always looking for a cool, casual set of candle holders for my dinners that aren’t imposing or fancy whatsoever. When I spotted these furniture feet (yes, from the hardware store) I immediately thought they’d make some modern, but pretty candle holders for a mantle or for my winter dinner table.

Originally, I just thought I’d bore a hole in the middle with a drill, but I felt that was a little too obvious.  Plus, I kind of wanted an option for the folks who don’t use power tools, but still want beautiful, custom DIYs.  So, I came up with this little candleholder ‘cheat’ which not only works amazingly with no tools, but also holds the candles super straight… something you can’t say for most candlesticks.




  • Turned Wood Furniture Feet (Assorted)
  • 3 Small Nails
  • Glue gun

wooden candle holder diy

First things first you need to remove the crazy screw bolt that came with the furniture foot. Just using a pair of pliers or vice grips will unscrew it in no time.

Then, flip the furniture foot over and notice there is a little indent.  Fill the indent with glue (I used a glue gun).

turned wood candle holders

Then stick a nail head into the indent and secure it sticking straight up (as straight as possible).

easiest wooden candleholders

And, of course, if you want to just bore out a hold with your drill, you can go ahead and do that!

diy turned leg candleholders


Then, you just gently (gently) stick the upright nail into the bottom of the candle.  Go slowly while doing this (and make sure your candlesticks are at room temp) so that you don’t split the candle.


The beauty of this project is how versatile it is! You could use any shapes and even use paint, a color blocking technique, or anything you want.

What could YOU do with this project?  I’d love to hear what your personal style spin would be!

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