Earnest Challenge Update #4

uke update

We’re here for another #EarnestChallenge update! My ukulele playing is coming right along and I hope that whatever skill it is that YOU’RE devoting some time to learning is progressing nicely as well. Let’s finish strong!

My progress has been a little slower than I’d hoped.  I am not musical whatsoever, so picking up an instrument has been a little bit of a learning curve for me.  I learned during these last few weeks that practicing a string instrument hurts your fingers! Ouch! I actually bandaged my strumming finger up because it was getting so raw (I know, I’m a total weenie!).

Like always, I have a little video to share my progress. 

I’m still working on Vance Joy’s Riptide, but I’ve also been toying around with Jason Mraz I’m Yours.

The little progress I’ve made here and there is encouraging and makes me want to keep at it!

Monday, August 17th – You’re crusin’ now!

It’s likely that you’ll be pretty great at your new skill.  Give us a little peek into how it’s been going.

Monday, Sept 7th – Sound the trumpets!

The challenge is over, but maybe you’re not.  Show us how far you’ve come and what’s next for you.  Share and struggles or roadblocks you hit along the way and any triumphs you’ve celebrated!

So now it’s your turn.  Tell me in the comments below how you’re coming along on your challenge – I can’t wait to hear!


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