Earnest Home S/S 15 Inspiration Board

ss15 home decor inspiration board

We’re off and running with the Earnest Home Spring Summer 2015 collection!  My dream with launching the new site was to have the opportunity to merge my work of designing and producing my product line into the daily blog, since it’s a huge chunk of what dominates not only my time, but also my goals!  I want to share with you my workflow for the collections I design, which starts out with inspiration and color direction.  Let me share my thoughts on this season and how I begin creating a cohesive plan.

My inspiration and color board (this exact one) will hang near my desk so that as I design I can say to myself, “does this design fit into the collection?”.  This is how I stay on track and is pretty similar to why I establish themes for holidays and parties… because I get easily distracted!  I’ve been known to do the same thing for my blog in the past.  Creating an inspiration board has helped me to keep projects consistent, giving the overall blog a cohesive look.

While making the boards, I usually always have one item that caught my eye which is the ‘starting point’.  The starting point for this collection was the rug in the top right of the board from West Elm.  Of course, I wouldn’t use this verbatim, but instead I’ve used it solely for the color direction. I am loving the way washed down navy works with apricot and and plan on mixing a little of that color palette in with my signature look of worn wood together with gold, and black. Also, since our few marble pieces have been insanely popular (I’ve reordered several times!) I’m adding a few more marble pieces into the mix for Spring/Summer.

I wanted this collection to be warm, yet still modern and simple. I was channeling a little bit of the American southwest here which is includes colors that are soft & cool with a subtle warmth and a minimalistic natural feeling.  I guess you could call it ‘natures neutrals’.  I can see having all of these things in a really amazingly comfortable home in southern cali…. and it was actually my time there last August which stirred this image in my mind.

I am quite fond of how it all looks put together, and you can see my whole S/S 15 inspiration board here on pinterest as well.  I know it’s only January, but with spring around the corner, I want to hear what you’re loving too.  Any colors or materials you’re crushing on this season?



Sources:  Bed  |  Rug  |  Stool  |  Mudroom  |  Pantry  |  Bracelets

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