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I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving this year.  Yes, with all of my years of hostessing, this is the first year for the big one. I’ve done Friendsgivings, Christmas cocktails, and other assorted large sit-down parties, but there is just something different about Thanksgiving.  I’ve been preparing the table decor and menu over the last week and am happy with where I’ve landed so far.  I created a test centerpiece to practice for the big day, so today I’m sharing that process so that you can make one too!

Not only does this bowl of beautiful goodness take very little skill, it’s also relatively inexpensive!  A giant floral arrangement would cost 50-60 bucks at least and this beautiful and easy thanksgiving centerpiece costs just around $20.  That’s a win.






I also plan on making little versions for other rooms in the house (the bar, the bathroom) to spread the Thanksgiving spirit around.

AND… as if this wasn’t cool enough, I am going to make a Christmas version as well… pomegranates, some citrus, evergreen springs!  I’ll share that one too…. but let’s get through this holiday first!