Easter Eggs: Dipping, Marbling, and Speckling

easter eggs - 1

Easter Eggs Three

If variety is the spice of life, we’ve got plenty over here today to give Easter just a bit more flavor this year.  I’ve got three ways to decorate your eggs at three different difficulty levels.

First, the marbled eggs follow the same exact set up as my marbled paper, which is pretty easy, but the difficulty comes in for the dip.  You’ve got to delicately graze the shell over the paint and do your best not to dip at all.  You want to pick the paint up off of the starch, so don’t dunk.  Carefully grazing your egg while holding onto the ends is a bit time consuming, but they look beautiful. For the speckled eggs, you just use the store-bought blue dye and fling a little gold paint onto the shell with a wooden skewer. And third, if you’ve got some colorful washi tape sitting around, just wrap up your little eggs for the easiest route to awesome.

easter eggs- 2

easter egg diptych

easter eggs - 5

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