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mothers day tea

The notion of a Mother’s Day Brunch isn’t new.  It’s probably even the first thing most people think of for Mother’s Day since women love brunch and all mothers are women.

But, I’ve devised a casual tea-party type brunch with lots of color and pretty elements that not only will be a departure from the quiche and fruit salad of most brunches, but consists of fun, girly food that goes perfect with a spot of tea…

Speaking of tea, since it’s now officially the height of spring, I’ve put together three different types of iced tea beverages for everyone in your group.  Fruit tea is unique here in the north, while a premixed Arnold Palmer makes for easy serving and classic iced tea with lemon is just that – classic.

mothers day tea - brunch

mothers day tea and brunch

mothers day brunch menu

When entertaining in my home, I like to keep things super easy so that I can join in on the fun, so all of the dishes can be premade and served at room temperature.  Each dish doesn’t have more than 4 ingredients and that makes things even easier.

Keep reading for the full recipes and more photos!

mothers day teas

mothers day brunch

mothers day brunch - tea

The teas a pretty easy, but can be made easier by making (or buying) a big batch of unsweet tea and using it in all of the varieties.

Fruit Tea is simple.  In a large pitcher, mix 1/2 can of pineapple juice, 1/2 can of concentrated orange juice, 1/2 can concentrated lemonade, 1/2 cup sugar.  Fill the rest of the pitcher up with tea.  (if you’d like to use full cans of the juices, it will make two gallons.

Many of us know and love Arnold Palmers, but if you aren’t familiar, they are one part lemonade mixed with one part tea.  (traditionally, I think they also have vodka, but I keep them virgin here!) I’ve even made a recipe and shopping list to make the whole party easy!

What’s more, I’ll have TWO diys from this brunch, the cocktail napkins and the candlestick floral arrangements up on Wednesday!  Get excited (I am!)

Are there any ideas you’re loving?

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