Easy Christmas Champagne

champagne cocktail

I love a good champagne cocktail as much as the next girl, but sometimes, since they can’t be made ahead and have to be assembled on the spot, it can get confusing if guests need to make it themselves or if you’re not around to tell people how it’s made.  When I know I’ll be busy greeting people or cooking, I just love serving bubbly straight up. It’s simple, crisp, and can be beautiful too.  Dressing up simple champagne is so easy, but looks very impressive.




All I do is rim a few glasses with a damp towel, then dip into colored sugar (in this case, red, but gold would be beautiful too).  Add a sprig of rosemary into each glass ahead of time and you’re done!  Not only do they look gorgeous on the bar, there is no question about recipes or proportions, friends can just serve themselves!  The added touch still makes everything look and feel so special without having to do too much prep work.  It’s a perfect balance!


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