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easy diy witch broom

I think there is nothing more eerie than a minimal, understated nod to halloween.  Why?  Because if you’re not going overboard, and decorations are a little more hard to spot, then it seems like part of everyday life, which is super creepy.  Like how last year, I placed simple painted bones in the cloches throughout my house.  It would take people a while to figure out what when going on, but once they did, it was like, “wait… are those bones?”.

The same thing was on my mind this year when I decided to make this really easy and rustic diy witch broom.  It looks pretty authentic and I love how simply spooky it looks just lying across the mantle.


materials for broom

how to make a witches broom halloween

It’s easy enough, just gather one large stick and a bunch of small brush from the yard.  Tie it all together with some twine and voila!  A fairly free project that I would say out-does any store-bought version.

Gathering the sticks was really easy because, for whatever reason, Matt has a collection of sticks behind the garage that he’s curated.  It really puzzles me why he’s always picking up sticks, but I’m certainly grateful when I have a project like this to do.  Even if you don’t have a husband who creepily collects sticks, I’m sure you’ll be able to find enough sticks on a nice fall afternoon walk to create a beautiful broom of your own.  Or, if you don’t have access to a wooded area, then you can buy the sticks if you’re hard pressed and are really die-hard about making this broom.



Didn’t it turn out so festive?  I never thought a bundle of sticks would look so classically creepy perched in my home, but it’s amazing how great it looks!  I hope you like it too!