Easy Entertaining: A Winter Night in Spain (part 2)

I can’t even describe how well the ‘Winter Night in Spain’ party went this weekend. The decor was fun, but simple and the food turned out exactly as I had hoped. Possibly better.

We started with an assortment of tapas: spanish cheeses, olives, marcona almonds, sherry marinated mushrooms, chorizo and chevre stuffed peppers, patatas fritas, and some cured spanish meats.  I just served them super casual off the coffee table with little cocktail napkins and some wooden picks.  We sat on the floor, drank Cava and snacked for about an hour an a half while the Paella steamed in the oven.

The tapas relocated to the table once the Paella was ready to keep the casual snacking going, we traded in our flutes of cava for some bold Spanish red wine.

I formed my own recipe for the paella and you can download it here. It had perfectly yellow saffron laced rice, with heaps of chicken, chorizo, and shellfish.

Everything was served in a mixture of olive wood bowls and terra-cotta saucers which I ended up getting at the garden store for just a dollar each! I strung up my red tinged floral garland and put together a few small, low arrangements of monochromatic red flowers.

The food was casual and communal, the company was lively and fun. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect night in Spain, -er Ohio.

Do you think you’d try a Spanish themed party? Have you tried serving any new, global foods to your friends? If so, how did it go?

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