Easy Entertaining: Gems and Juice {Part One}

*photos from top left: Pia Loys via we<3 it, fancy linda on flickr, bobbette & belle, house of earnest, just a few of my favorite things, hanna snufkin, hello, friend


I really was cracking up to myself when I was thinking about a theme for my next party and thought about ‘Gems and Juice’.   The purpose of the party is to have all of my friends over for some girl time, and to give my friend, Lindsay a chance to flex her skills as a Lia Sophia sales consultant.

I feel like people hate being sold to, and sometimes begrudgingly go to parties of this sort, so I wanted to make sure there was something in it for the people who didn’t want any jewelry and they didn’t feel left out of the fun.

I put together this mood board and was quickly on to the planning.  ‘Gems and Juice’ translated into a party will be sparkly, shiny, girly and based on food and wine. I used a ‘Tiffany’ blue with silver and gold color scheme, because what else screams fun and femme?

1. The Invite

Let’s face it – people love getting paper invitations. There is something to be said for receiving something in the mail that isn’t a tweet, text, evite for facebook event – and I like making them, so it’s a win-win.

2. The Decor

I picked up some plastic gem filler at my local party store which they sell in loose gems and in gem garland to up the sparkle factor.

Utilizing candles of different heights will help dress the table and also add additional glamour.  Modern shapes keep the whole thing from getting too fancy and staying on the fun side of the theme!

3. The essentials (I’m talking food and wine, here)

Although the decor is nice, if people are hungry, they’re not enjoying themselves.  I know this, because I often get hungry.

Food-wise, I believe that less is more from a variety standpoint.  A table full of too many options usually comes off messy, so I’ll keep it simple and have a lot of a few options to keep it plentiful and strait forward.

I’m providing an assortment of cheeses, nuts, fruit, olives, cured meats along with some heavier appetizers like prosciutto canapes, sweet onion dip on roasted sweet potato medallions.

For the beverages, this is where I recommend to go easy – you don’t want a bottle neck around your drink area and if the drink making is too complex, that will happen.  I’ll be serving pitchers of both red and white sangria (fruity and sparkly!) along with champagne.  All simple, girly and fun – especially when you throw in these amazing plastic wine glasses I got from Target:


For dessert, I’m making the cake balls shown up in the original mood board (we’ll see how this goes) and I’ll have assorted candy in the blue theme of the party

*all photos by house of earnest unless otherwise noted


So these are my plans! I’m excited to put them into works and see how the whole thing works out! I’ll be back in two weeks for the ‘Part Two’ to give you guys actual photos from the event!

Has anyone had a fun and girly themed party? What details can you share?

Have a super EXCITING Wednesday!

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