Easy Entertaining: The Halloween Party

I spent last weekend co-hosting a Halloween party with my sister-in-laws, and I’m proud to say the things for which I was responsible turned out quite well!  I told you guys last friday, that I was making the spook juice, the broken glass cupcakes, and the happy Halloween lanterns among other things.  These were some of my favorite photos that showed off just how chic creepy can be.

I was actually VERY happy with how the lanterns turned out.  They were kind of a last minute decision based on finding those pottery barn ones that were sold out.  Would you guys like a tutorial? I think I can probably talk my husband into a little photo session this weekend and put it up here soon. The words can always be changed to reflect your mood (happy new year?)!

I’m pretty sure you can also use the spook juice again this year too!  You can re-name it something like ‘harvest hooch’ or something festive and creative for the rest of the holidays this year.  Recipe here!

Have a BRIGHT Tuesday!

P.S. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE PINTEREST CHALLENGE! I hope you guys have been having fun working on your projects!  Come back here tomorrow to link up and show me what you’ve done!

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