Eucalyptus Heart Wreath

valentines heart wreath diy

I may not be the biggest fan of Valentine’s decor, but I AM a big fan of getting some greenery into my life by any means possible throughout the cold, dark winter months.   I thought it would be a cute little nod to the romantic holiday we have coming up to create a heart out of said greenery rather than just throwing them in a vase.  Also, the heart wreaths (yes, I made multiples) are able to go on the doors and mirrors throughout the house, cheering the whole place up significantly.  Plus (and I just had this thought), these would make adorable gifts for Valentines day, no?

It’s pretty easy and the materials you need are fairly simple,  Let’s get to it, shall we?


All I used for this little heart wreath was small leaf eucalyptus (you can use the regular stalky variety), some floral wire (available at craft stores), and some kitchen twine.

First, gather two woody, cut ends of euc together and wrap with the wire.  Wrap sideways and up & down.


bring together

Then, gather the tops of the euc together and wrap with the wire, but don’t cut the wire… pull it down and secure it to the bottom point of the heart.  You can remove the hanging down wire after a couple of days when the branches begin bend on their own.  Or you could really leave it too, I could barely see it when the wreath was hanging.

pull down


You can then fill in any areas that are a little bare with some smaller sprigs of euc, wired directly to the base you’ve created.  Then, get some twine and hang that beauty up!




It’s such a simple little project, but I LOVE the way it looks!  It literally has just been making me happy to look at all week.  I’m not sure if that’s lame or awesome.  You can decide!

Where would you be able to use a little shot of greenery in your life?

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