Everything But the House – A Giveaway!


It’s a wonderful Thursday, guys! I have a really fascinating giveaway to bring to you from Everything But the House.  I wanted to share this one with you guys because it’s new, unique, and it’s heavily concentrated in my area, although they do ship nationwide.

People always ask me where I shop for antique or unique odds and ends around Columbus, but truth be told, I don’t go to many stores, I mostly scour estate sales and garage sales.  Here is where Everything But the House comes in.  It’s an online estate sale with bidding/auction type style which I’ve found very fun. You can place your starting bid and the highest you’re willing to pay and then their system bids for you – within your price range.

So, onto the fun part!  Here are the items I’ve either recently won (Eee!) or am currently bidding on (fingers crossed!). Sometimes it’s hard to envision someone else’s stuff in a more modern or cool way when it’s surrounded but other pieces that aren’t your cup of tea, but just like at a real estate sale, you’ve got to look past the life the item used to have and look at how it could be.

EBTH post

How do you guys like my picks!?  Entry is just a click away:

One of the most fun parts of the bidding is that each time I was outbid, I was sent an email asking me if I wanted to up my bid or not.  It gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate if it was still a good deal… which most everything was.

There are some other amazing items that I want terribly, but just don’t have the room for – like this dresser, this chair, this sideboard, this lucite coffee table, among others.  I like to search the categories under furniture instead of popping in and out of each sale.  Keep in mind – for the price you save on the piece, you can ship it and still snag a deal!

So…. drumroll!  We’re giving away a $250 credit to Everything But the House to one lucky reader!! Enter below, and GOOD LUCK!  Ps. There is a COLUMBUS sale opening 9/16! Get excited!

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Photo Sources: Brass Tray  |  Staircase  |  Bar  |  Mantle

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