Fall into Figs

Before this week, I’d never laid a hand on a fig.  I saw them in the grocery store and thought they were some sort of upscale fruit I shouldn’t bother getting to know.  I always wanted to be the kind of person who was like, “oh yes, I just adore figs.” But I wasn’t…

…that is, until now. I was walking by the figs on this trip to Trader Joe’s and thought that I should definitely pick them up. I went home, cut one open, and bit into it. I decided that something tangy and creamy should accompany the fruit and settled on a tart with goat cheese, carmelized onions, and rosemary. I followed the carmelized onion ‘how-to’ from Victoria’s kitchen basics post and piled it all onto a store-bought pie crust.

It makes such a pretty presentation and the colors are just perfection.

I’m definitely not a whiz in the kitchen, but I wanted to learn something new and felt that figs, with their deep indigo color and hearty fruit, would be a good fit for an early fall appetizer.  They’re on the tail end of peak season, so snatch some up on your next trip to the store and impress your friends with a little tart.


Have a FIGGY Tuesday!


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