Fall Style I’m Loving from H&M

HM Fall 2016

It’s pretty rare that I am so smitten by one shops seasonal line, but H&M’s is just too good to ignore – and not to share.  Last week when I was putting together The List, I wanted to put so many of these gorgeous new items in the list that I figured they might warrant their own post.  I thought about calling it “The List Special Report”, but nixed that idea.

The prices are also pretty great with a ton of the printed cushions starting at just $6.   Here are a few of my favorite items in the fall line.

HM fall 2016 collage

Patchwork Pillow – 12.99 | Looped Yarn Pillow – 24.99 | Wooden Tray – 29.99 | Stoneware Bowls – 12.99 | Stoneware Pitcher 24.99 | Stoneware Mugs 12.99 | Golden Candlesticks; large – 12.99; small – 9.99 | Woven Knit Pillow – 29.99 | Triangle print pillow – 5.99 | Long Pile Wool Rug – 199.00 | Moss knit throw – 79.99 | Gold leaf bowl – 24.99

hm fall 2016 stoneware

I love how simple, neutral, and natural everything looks!  I don’t typically associate H&M with this type of style, but I’m certainly happy about it!  I think stoneware stuff is my favorite and I might grab that jug up for some fall branches and blooms around the house.

What is your favorite new piece?

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