Family Traditions: The Special Plate

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about family traditions. As I grow older and watch my siblings have children and teach them the things we learned while growing up, it brings to mind all of the fun things we used to do as kids, and how fun it is to teach the next generation the same traditions.

We used to have ‘special plates’ growing up, which I’m pretty sure is something my mom just made up, but it was great.  There were two plates in the cupboard that were vastly different from the rest which were to be placed at the seat of someone who had a special day, or maybe a really difficult day.  Whoever set the table that night for dinner would inevitably choose who got the special plate that day, if anyone deserved it at all.

I went to one of those ‘paint your own pottery places’ and made one from my sister when she got married almost six years ago, and when I got married just two years ago, she made me one.  With just Matt and I right now, and my sister with very young children, the special plates don’t get too much use, but I’m sure one day they’ll be making their way onto our dinner tables.

I love these plates in the photo because they’re different from the norm – whether that be because they’re very personal as the silhouette plate or just uniquely different.

Do you think this is a tradition you could see yourself starting?  Do you have any special traditions that you’re passing down?

Have a THOUGHTFUL Tuesday out there!


Plates from top left: 1 | 3  | 4

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