Farm Table Flair

I am continually drawn to rustic farm tables, and the more authentic the better.  They can add a natural vibe to a city dwelling, a rustic touch to an otherwise contemporary home and add all around warmth to a meal where lingering seems certain.

I bought one for my own dining room but don’t have pics ready to share yet…. soon…. I feel like I keep saying that to people!  Believe me – I love my table, but my photography skills needs some brushing up… Or maybe I need a new camera… hmmmmmm.

Back on track – farm tables, or harvest tables, can be paired with seemingly anything for a million different styles. I like pairing the table with a modern chair to keep rustic looking fresh, instead of just old.

*low profile, modern stools keep the focus on the room’s natual elements.

*bright cheery fabric done in a modern silhouette look gorgeous with this simple table.

*classic french chairs and an elaborate chandelier add a shot of glamor

*lucite chairs never seem functional to me… except for here!  I love the playful but usable character of this dining nook!

*In an overall light, bright, modern room, the steel edged square table is a focal point.

photos: top two from rue magazine issue 3, oliveaux blog, feldman architechture, house beautiful.

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