Fashion or Forever

fashion or forever

When sorting through a CB2 catalogue the other night, I spotted a pink couch for just under a grand that was just darling.  It quickly got me to thinking about the idea of ‘fashion furniture’ and why we separate it so starkly from fashion clothing.

I see tons of women with shoes and bags – all of which won’t be worn for more than a year or two – that ring in at well over a grand.  This season’s booties or ‘it’ bag can quickly make a home in our closets.  But why is it that furniture seems to be something we are fixated on needing to use forever.

I love the idea of a pop colored sofa or a really quirky chair, but when it comes to actually putting cash to counter, purchasing a piece that I love right now, I stop short.  I ask myself, how long will I love this piece? Will it go with the same furniture I intend to have in 20 years? Will it wear well? Now I’m thinking, “How much does all of that matter?”  If we love it, we love it right?

Now, I’m not advocating that we all just throw caution to the wind and aimlessly purchase anything that gleams it’s pretty little pattern at us.  There is some responsibility we have as adults in making sound purchases, not being wasteful, and thinking ahead.  But to what extent? Why would I buy something ho hum that is a big investment, when I could buy something dazzling for the same amount? Even if we buy the beige couch, it probably won’t be around in 20 years.  Wear and tear or a move will probably land the purchase on craigslist.  So if that is the case, why not go with something fun? I don’t really think that my pair of Christian Louboutins will still be awesome in 15 years, but they’ve been awesome to me for the past three years.

I suppose when it comes down to furniture and our homes, the difference comes when considering the versatility of a piece.  Looking at a pop of pink in my living room day in and day out might get old real quickly. But then again (like those Loutoutins), maybe not.  Fear of something going out of style quicker than I’d anticipated is usually what stops me short.  Shoes are much easier to switch out than a big piece of furniture.

So, I ask you guys… what are your thoughts? Go with the gusto?  Or keep it practical?


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