Five Years of Blogging

cheers to five years

Wow.  Today marks five years since my very first blog post, and to think of everything that has happened and evolved here in the last five years is mind-blowing.

Let me take you back five years.  We were newly married, and just starting to put our own spin on this old family farmhouse.  I was overcome with inspiration, but felt like my life as a whole was pretty deplete of creativity. Although I worked in a creative job in the fashion industry, I’d been moved to a new team where the majority of the women were catty and backstabbing.  There were literally situations where the leader of my new team would tell me what to present at a meeting,  then in the meeting disagree vehemently with everything I was presenting in front of the CEO – and here I’d only presented that position because it was her recommendation.  She would set me up just so that she could swoop in and ‘save the day’.  After months of these meetings I began to loose confidence in myself and second guess my intuition.  I needed something in my life that was mine, where I could make my own decisions without the judgement and downright torment that I experienced daily in my corporate job.  So, I started this blog.

At the time, I was reading Cococozy, Design*Sponge, and Remodelista. I felt like there was room in the online space for my style, which has always been fairly traditional, but with a more current and modern twist.

Like everything I do, after I’d made the decision to start the blog, I dove into it headfirst.  I bought the book ‘Blogging for Dummies’ (seriously) and read it cover to cover. I learned about buying a domain, how to use, and some basic html.  I made my own header, buttons, and logo all in the paint program that comes with the computer.

Back then I knew nothing of monetizing, ads, or had any anticipation of revenue.  It was just something that was all mine.

Everyday, I could hold my head slightly higher above the BS that went on a work.  I had something that I had already published and put out into the world before even arriving at the office.  Regardless of the failures of the day, I had won at one thing already.  I had put my heart into something and created something that nobody could take away from me.  Every single day started with an accomplishment.

As the blog started to grow, it would start fueling me more and more.  So what if I got thrown under the bus in another meeting… I had readers commenting on my ideas – the world loved them! It was so fulfilling and inspiring.  Soon I discovered the entire blog culture, started attending conferences, meeting other bloggers, making lifelong friends, and building a creative world for myself that was so beyond the walls of my job.

For the last five years, it’s grown into a piece of my being.  It spawned an idea to start my own product line (inspired by my DIYs), gave me the ability to leave my corporate job and work for myself full time, and then even launched into opportunities to consult others with their own product line creations.  This blog has changed my entire outlook on life, what a career should be – what it could be.   It’s such an ingrained part of me, that it’s hard to image life without it.

All of this is to say, that what you guys – what five years worth of readership – have helped me to create has changed my life, and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for making the last five years some of the best and most fulfilling years of my life.  It’s you, your readership, your comments, and your support that are the sole reason Earnest Home co is a success.  THANK YOU!

Cheers to five years and here’s to five more!


photo source, graphic by me.

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