Flea Market Find: Brass & Bamboo

brass tray flea market

It’s kind of a weekend tradition for Me and Matt to sit in bed drinking coffee and watching HGTV until we’re both inspired enough to get off our buns and do something productive.  This past sunday, we were recovering from a rather exhausting Saturday night of eating take-out Chinese and binge-watching Scandal, so we stayed in bed a little later than usual watching Flea Market Flip.  I’m not gonna lie, I had never seen the show before, but I was hooked.  I loved the competition aspect of the show and was immediately inspired to head to our yearly flea market in town which just happened to be that day (coincidence?).

Anyway, at the very first tent, there were tables of random old-lady things and I spotted this brass bamboo detailed tray right away.  Armed with the new bartering tactics I’d learned from a morning of flea market watching, I asked how much it was and she said, “one dollar”.  I was so shocked I just yelled, “sold!”


It was a bit tarnished and dirty, so I brought it home, scrubbed it with my secret weapon. I will let you in on the secret, though. First, see if your brass is actually brass by seeing if it’s magnetic.  If not, you’re good to go!   Use a mixture of lemon juice + baking soda mixed into a paste and rub it into the brass, then wipe it off with a wet rag.  If your item IS magnetic, then it’s probably brass plated steel and the brass can rub off if an abrasive cleaner is used.  Use soapy water instead.

brass bamboo tray flea market brass bamboo tray DSC_6635 brass bamboo tray flea market

I LOVE how my tray cleaned up and I’ve decided to use it as a little catch-all on my vanity, although I’ll probably move it all around the house within the next few weeks playing with the styling.  So if you see it in future posts, you’ll know that’s what I’m doing!

It definitely wasn’t a ‘flip’ but I was ecstatic about my flea market find!  Have you found any goodies this (early) fall at the markets?

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