For the Love of October

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For as much as I love October, it’s been a rough month.  I’ve been going going going and feel like I just haven’t been able to catch my breath at all.  I know a big portion of this is temporary and that I just need to push through, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on my month.

The trees have been gorgeous around this area and the holiday spirit is definitely in the air, so I’m going to do my best today and soak a couple of the last drops out of October.  Since there are only two days left, here are a few (easy) things you might catch me doing!  Or, if you’re in need of some very quick last minute holiday inspiration, take a cue from these lovely ladies.

*5 second pumpkin decorating

*What has GOT to be the most deliciously October-y thing on the web.

*A quick and easy game if you have a bunch of little ones coming over.

*A really cute last minute costume idea.

Enjoy these fun ideas and let’s finish this month out with a bang!


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