Fresh Finds:Cucumber and Apricot

Usually I think of preserving fruits or vegetables in the form of pickles or jam as a fall, harvest-type, activity.  In actuality, this should be done whenever the fruit or veggie is at it’s peak of ripeness, preserving at the height of flavor.

It happens to be peak season for apricots, so I decided to finally try my hand at some canning.

The apricot preserves turned out lovely!  It was super easy too.  I followed THIS QUICK RECIPE and in about 30 minutes, voila! Apricot Preserves!

The pickles made their way into the mix because I was in an adventurous mood and I really love pickles.

There are a lot of pickle recipes out there, but really you can adjust them in anyway you would like.  As long as you start with the appropriate amounts of water, vinegar, salt and sugar, the rest is up to you.  You can get my recipe HERE!

Have you ever tried to can anything? How did it go?

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!

P.S. Like the graphics? CLICK HERE for the template!

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