Fresh Finds: Larkspur

I was out-of-town for a long weekend, so not much was done on the home front aside from running to the market last night for some groceries and , of course, so fresh blooms for the house.

As soon as I walked in, some fresh Larkspur or (Delphinium Bellamosum) grabbed my attention.  They are bright vibrant indigo with delicate hanging blossoms in a ‘dolphin’ shape – which is how the flower got its name.  The individual blooms resemble a bottlenose dolphin which in greek is ‘delphis’.

They are usually used as a higher end filler flower, but today I used them in a big way alongside yellow mums, sunflowers.  The contrasting yellow color really makes the Larkspur pop!



Aren’t they beautiful?  A very lovely start to my week.  Any beautiful flowers in your future?

I’m going to be spending some quality time prepping for my ‘Gems and Juice’ party this week, I’ll keep you all updated on the little projects that occur throughout the week!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!


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