Fresh Finds: Lilac

Lilacs have long been my favorite spring flower.  Growing up we had a lilac bush right outside our kitchen window and the smell of lilacs always signified  the end of school, then proms, and later my summer arrival home from another year away in college.

Now, I am lucky that our home has a lilac bush right outside and within smelling distance from our back door.  It is technically on our neighbors property, but since that neighbor is our grandmother, she encourages I snip all the blooms I need.

Even with all the memories the smell of lilacs brings to mind, these lilac finds will help me begin to associate lilac with this new home – even if this new home is over 100 years old!  Here are a few of the things I think look fresh and moved on in lilac!

1. Robert Abbey Delta Table Lamp In Lilac – Robert-abbey-948 | Candelabra, Inc. $136 –, 2. Lilac Fouta Beach Towels $65 –,
3. Decorated Nooks – At Home –$128 –, 4. Flowery Frost Vase – $14 –

I hope your Monday is filled with something as beautiful as the scent of lilac!


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