Fresh Finds: Peony & Snapdragon

I would classify both Peonies and Snapdragons as two of my favorite flowers, and for vastly different reasons.

Peonies are so feminine and frilly, they come in so many different colors, but all of them have a relatively short life once cut – just around 3 days.  They are absolutely wonderful stand-alone blooms also, and look fabulous in a bunch of many, or alone in a bud vase.

In contrast, the snapdragons make a great addition to other flowers, giving arrangements height variation and dimension!

I LOVE that these two flowers play so well off of each other.  One round and low, one tall and slender.  All of the beautiful leaves from the peonies also fill in the negative space, making this arrangement of only two flowers look lush and full.

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!

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