Fresh Finds: Take Five! Hydrangeas, Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Mini Roses, and Button Mums

If you regularly follow H of E, you know how I love flowers (but who doesn’t, right?).  I went to the store this weekend to pick up some groceries and also walked out with FIVE different varieties of flowers – all of which I couldn’t live without.

*actual story is that I just picked up the hydrangea, roses, snapdragon, and mums at first.  Then waiting in the check-out, the sunflowers were beckoning me from afar so I ran and snatched them too!

Regardless, my goal is always to make arrangements that are prettier and cheaper than what you would pick up at your local grocery store by buying individual varieties instead of the store arranged bouquets.  This week I picked up some beautiful ones, and I feel that all of the warm tones work so well together.  My goal was to make FOUR arrangements out of the blooms I brought home – one for each main common room (kitchen, living room, bathroom) as well as my office!

Hydrangea make a great addition to a home arrangement because they take up a lot of space, and in white are a good match for any color scheme. I was instantly attracted to the purple in the snapdragon and button mums, added the roses in to add dimension to those purple tones (but keep it in the same color family).

Those bright yellow sunflowers brought the entire display to a whole new level.  That added pop of yellow is what you see first, followed by the levels and layers of pinks and purples.

 *all photos by house of earnest

Do you like the arrangements this week?  What are your thoughts on making arrangements yourself at home?  Do you regularly bring fresh flowers into your home? Please share!


Have a BRIGHT Tuesday!


P.S. The House of Earnest GIVEAWAY will be posted tomorrow!!  Stay Excited!!!

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