Fresh Finds: Take Three! An Easy Flower Arrangement with Tons of Impact

Flower arranging for some is a super daunting task.  This is possibly the easiest possible way to make a huge impact with flowers in your house.

Take three varieties that you love, in this case I choose Sunflowers, Safflowers, and some greenery.  I stuck each variety in a different shape and different height of vase in a group of three and there you have it!  That is all you need to do and the result is something that is large and super impactful! This is absolutely perfect for entertaining as well, you can group them together, or separate after your guests leave for flowers in every room!

*all photos by house of earnest*

What do you think?  Super easy, and can be done with any three varieties that you love! I can think of ENDLESS possibilities for this type of arrangement.

Will you try it this week? If you do – send me a pic!!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!  My Wednesday is almost over, so I’m headed out to dinner with some friends before I come back to my hotel and finish up my work!

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