Friday Faves 1.27

I have been such a mixture of things this week. Inspired from last week at ALT, but also busy and hectic with all of the work that needed to be done on my return. I am taking this weekend to remind myself of all of the amazing opportunities that lie out in the world – if only we’d pursue and follow through.

For my “faves” today, I’m sharing with you some of the most influential NEW people I met at Alt.  Tons of established and new bloggers that I met, but these girls stood out to me – and for wonderful reasons!

Victoria from Vmac + Cheese: Vmac + Cheese is a daily lifestyle blog which shares everything from food to fashion to just plain living the stylish life. Victoria is one of those rare people who has both a fierce business sense and is utterly creative.  She is bringing new inspiration everyday to Vmac + Cheese and also has some super exciting ideas and plans in store for this year!

Michelle from Second St East was my safe place for the week.  When you’re walking into an event where you know nobody and there are 500 stylish girls running around, you need a safe place. She is super funny and fun, has a great sense of style both on her blog about interior design and in her personal fashion style.  An all around sweet and bubbly personality drew to me her and will keep me coming back to her blog to see her progress through design projects and interior design school.

Colleen over at Inspired to Share: I stumbled upon Inspired to Share a few months ago on the interwebs and was hooked ever since.  Meeting Colleen in person was certainly a treat as she is just as quirky and cute in real life as she comes across on her blog.  Colleen has an inspiring design sense and can put ideas, color, and pattern together in new and beautiful ways.  Her photoshop skills are enviable too! Maybe I can learn a thing or two in my PS journey! (check out her wedding – it was the cutest!)

Megan from The Fresh Exchange:  We met on Wednesday night at the blog brunch gathering.  After chatting at various times throughout the week, we realized that we have a ton in common.  She has such a fresh and calm take on design and her beautiful blog reflects it!

Amy from Parker Etc:  If I could draw you a picture of the coolest Brooklyn girl, it would be Amy.  She personifies hip, heritage, and feminine New York.  Her blog showcases eye candy ranging from outfits to home projects.

Katie over at Modern Eve: Sweet as can be, Katie shows off her amazing style, party, decor, and travel insights on Modern Eve.  (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme!)  Katie is one of those beautiful, fashionable people who is so relatable and it really shows through on her blog.

Amanda of Simple Street: I am so proud of Amanda!  She recently just took the leap, believed in herself, and quit her day job to freelance and start her own graphic design company.  She has a beautifully simple esthetic and showcases it both on her blog and through her design work.  I am really excited to say that Amanda will be working with me on my blog redesign coming to you soon!

I really hope you take a moment and look through these new blogs and get to know the amazing personalities behind each site!

Have an INSPIRED Friday!

 Photo Credit: 1st option

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