Friday Faves 1.6

ONE this week I discovered the tumblr Tabac Blond and I’m smitten.  TWO the cutest tie-breaker ‘coins’ from Set Editions – including the phrases “you apologize” or “I apologize” $12.  THREE I’ve been pouring over the time lapse videos of Dana Tanamachi doing her amazing chalk art.  FOUR cozy spaces like this bed alcove are just perfect for warm winter nights spent inside. FIVE after watching Midnight in Paris, not only do I want to start reading all of the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I want them in these amazingly beautiful sleeves designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.


It’s been difficult this week getting back into the swing of things, but it’s nice having a short week to figure it out!  I’m going to get some quality Erin-Time in this weekend and shop around town, do some blog updates, sleep in, and try on my entire closet getting prepared for Alt Design Conference.  I might also try to sneak in brunch on Sunday with my family to celebrate my birthday which is coming up next week! I have such a busy week scheduled in the office next week, that a little advance celebration might be in order. Or maybe I’ll snag one of these F. Scott Fitzgerald books from the library and cozy up with it.  Any one of his books in particular that you’d suggest?

Have a WARM and RELAXING Friday and weekend!

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