Friday Faves 10.14

no. 1 For my future walk in closet/dressing room. Sofia Settee $1159 Ballard Designs; no. 2 Perfectly round, this simple mirror is sleek, but charming (and a good deal!) $98 Terrain; no. 3 A beautiful quote deserves beautiful design. $20 by little things studiono. 4 My current coffee obsession.  Beware… It may cause you to skip work and frolic in fallen leaves! $8.99 at Trader Joe’s; no. 5 The perfect pretty mug from which to drink aforementioned coffee. 23k dotted gold mug $48 by bailey doesn’t bark.

It has been a fabulously fall week around here.  Are you getting tired of my onslaught of fall things yet? If you are, let me know and maybe I’ll scale it back… maybe.  I have even more fall activities up my sleeve this weekend along with some much-anticipated sleeping (if you know me, you’ll know I’m going to up the regular 5 hours to 6).

Have a RELAXING and REFRESHING weekend out there!

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