Friday Faves 10.28

no. 1 Galvanized beverage dispenser 24.99 at Targetno. 2 String Halloween lights are sold out at Pottery Barn, but that won’t stop me!  I’ll use some white paper cups and adhesive letters to create my own! no. 3 ‘Broken Glass’ Cupcakes from Martha Stewart are on my party to-do list; no. 4 Some simple cheesecloth dipped in red Rit Dye will lend a cheap and spooky enhancement to any party; no. 5 classically creepy goblets are even cute for other occasions $17.99 for six, Target.

Our Halloween party is this weekend!! It’s been a super long week at work, so I’m going to be glad to get into the party spirit.  Since I’ve been burning the midnight oil behind my desk, I haven’t spent much time preparing.  I am turning to some simple techniques I can do after hours (read: handmade, not store-bought).

The string lights above will be easy to make with a string of christmas lights and some white paper cups, dyed cheesecloth will be spooky and simple, a cute and versatile galvanized beverage dispenser will hold my signature ‘spook juice’, and Martha’s cupcakes are going to be just the ‘wow’ factor I need…. now if I can just find the time to make my costume…. yikes!

What are your weekend plans? Anyone else going to a Halloween party??

Have a SPOOKY and FUN Friday and weekend!

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