Friday Faves 10.7

no. 1 Blue Feathers fine art photography is still live, but has a colorful abstract feel. $30 for an 8 x 10 by Miles of Light ; no. 2 Swedish Skal (Cheers!) napkins are cute and conversational whether or not you’re from the region! $20 for a set of four by bloom and barnacle; no. 3 Colored cylinder vases give big impact when grouped together! $24-$39 at West Elm; no. 4 Diane Keaton’s new line of dinnerware is available at Bed Bath & Beyond! The cute verbage appetizer plates (yum, bite, eat, good) are just $4.99 each! no. 5 Seemingly magic Coffee Joulies cool down your coffee by taking in excess heat, then release the heat as your coffee cools to keep it at an optimal temp! Genius! $50 for five at

I think we can all say that fall is officially here!  I’ve been inspired by natural, moody colors and cozy nights in.  This is literally the first weekend in months that I’ve had not one thing planned… and I’m going to take full advantage!  I plan to catch up on my favorite HGTV shows, go through my stacks of magazines, and maybe finish by book!

What about you guys? Anything special on the homefront? Or are you completely open and relaxing like me?

Have a LOVELY Friday and weekend!  See you Monday!

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