Friday Faves 11.30 + Huge News!

ONE Monday’s fresh prize; TWO Tuesday’s wrapped with flair; THREE Wednesday will bring sweet news; FOUR Thursday celebrates a season for lights; FIVE Friday is a ‘minted’ deal!

I hinted at it a week ago, but get ready for some exciting holiday cheer!  Next week, for the entire week, we’ll have a giveaway every single day. Monday through Thursday are still surprises (that I know you’ll love) and Friday I gave away already, as $200 to buy your holiday cards from minted.  I want you to be ready for it, because it’s big and you’ll only have 24 hours to enter!

Although each giveaway starts on a different day, they all close at Midnight Friday, December 7th, so you’ll have five days to enter for Monday four for Tuesday and so on. You’re going to love these prizes, so come back next Monday for the first dose of surprise holiday cheer!

Get your commenting fingers ready this weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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