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ONE if you’re a fan of gift wrapping and party crafts, like me, you’ll just love Knot & Bow.  From stickers to gift tags to (real) bakery twine, you’ll want it all.  Kraft paper starburst seals are something I’ve had my eye on. $4 TWO Verre turquoise tea lights are cozy and colorful for your february (and they’ll be stunning in the summer too!) $98 for the set of six at Olive and Cocoa THREE I found out about these amazing whipped cream hearts via Lark + Linen and I’m definitely trying this over the weekend.  Spread whipped cream on parchment, freeze, and then cut into any shape.  photo above from a super sweet winter engagement photo shoot by Emily Steffen via The Sweetest Occasion. FOUR this girl loves cocktail napkins, but throw metallic chevron in there and they’re mine! $7 from Mignon Kitchen Co  (ps. check out mignon’s owner’s beautiful blog, elephantineFIVE I was blown away by this idea to bake mini cakes with tin cans! Originally from here, but artfully executed by Jordan from Oh Happy Day! … now for what reason to bake a cake this weekend…

Aside from making whipped cream cut-outs and trying to find a reason to bake mini cakes, this weekend we’ll be hosting our Winter Night in Spain dinner party with about 12 of our friends. (oh, and I got a brilliant idea in the shower this morning for the terra-cotta tapas plates, so you must come back next week to see how it all turned out!)

Have a COZY & WARM winter weekend!