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Friday Faves 2.28

ONE fun and funky flavors of jam from m. greenwood take a cheese platter to the next level!  Pair balsamic strawberry with brie and grapefruit with bleu cheese. TWO painterly stroke towels from fateyedesign are almost too pretty to use. I might turn them into something like this.  THREE cut end coasters $12 from Aloe Designs are just a cool $18 and are definitely darling. FOUR tiny little herb snippers are perfect fun gifts for crafty ladies or gardeners alike. FIVE little bamboo utensils are painted in the perfect shade of sunset coral.  $22 from Mr & Mrs P. SIX Rose scented salts for soaking in the bath from Oh So Pretty, they smell absolutely divine!


All of these gorgeous items were in our swag bag here in Palm Springs! I’m so happy to get to know these brands and their creators through their fabulous products.  I’ve having an AMAZING time in Palm Springs and it couldn’t be a better time for me to get out of the winter weather. It’s so refreshing to have the sun and warmth so plentiful. I’m crafting up a storm today on some projects and new ideas that I’m sure you guys will love!

Have an amazing weekend!