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Friday Faves 3.21

ONE a new take on inspiration prints.  Some of us more *ahem* uptight people might need a push in the ‘why the hell not’ direction.  Prints start at just $18 from alphonnesine. TWO I’ve been working on some robbery replacement shopping and want this leather cosmetic bag from Mark & Graham.  I totally know that white is the wrong choice for a cosmetic bag, especially at $79 but refer to number one.  Maybe I’ll use it for a travel cord bag (I keep all chargers, wires in a pouch when traveling – you should try it!). THREE little colorful bowls are one of my weaknesses!  These gems from Paper Source were taunting me all day Wednesday, but I was shopping for work, so I had to keep myself in check… but at $8 each, I might have to go back and snag a few… for styling posts, of course! FOUR this chair will be my downfall. I have at least 6 magazine pages torn out of homes with this beauty and until this moment didn’t know where it was from.  Enter, the $1500 woven chair by Ralph Lauren. The price is ridic, but boy is it gorgeous!  Maybe one day… FIVE I’m not a huge pink person, but I love how this Roger Rug from Lulu & Georgia is more of a subtle blush.  It would look really great in even neutral modern homes.  It also comes in lots of other colors! What I love about Lulu & Georgia’s rugs is that the come in every size possible, so anyone can add a little fun to their floors without completely re-doing a room.


Happy first Friday of SPRING you guys!  Who’s excited?  It’s been such a long long winter, I couldn’t be happier to see the sunnier, warmer days on the horizon. This week has been a long one.  I do some freelance styling work for a local company and have had the majority of the week devoted to sourcing props and shooting an upcoming campaign.  So this weekend, I am going to be hunkering down and finishing my closet, doing laundry, getting the house put back together after the closet reno, and hopefully reading my book!

What’s on your agenda?