Friday Faves 4.20

ONE Platinum lined ceramic bowls $27 from canvas; TWO punchy patterned cocktail linens $8 ea from Anthropologie; THREE ceramic pig planter $29 from Fruit Fly Pie; FOUR Aran printed floor mat $19 West Elm; FIVE drink me!  wooden stirrers from BHLDN $18; SIX wood nested stool from House Doctor spring collection.


It’s Friday!  We made it and I want to hear your plans for the weekend?  Is there anything going on that you’re excited about?

Matty is out of town, so I’ll be spending the weekend doing all of the things I’ve been neglecting around the house and blog.  Laundry, cleaning, resizing a gazillion photos in preparation for my new site launch, you know, the norm! I have a fun business meeting planned with a potential collaborator, a dinner with my sister-in-law and mother in law, and a lot of old fashioned relaxing.  I’ll see you guys back around here Monday with our new look!

Have a FANTASTIC Weekend!

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