Friday Faves 5.18

ONE Patio furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Solid stripes armchair $228 from Terrain; TWO This vase would look amazing alone or with a big bunch of summer hydrangea. $248 from Terrain; THREE Light up your night with fun colored string lights from West Elmon sale!  for $39; FOUR fun and funky pattern pillow $90 from Sukan (and there are so many more gorg patterns for prices from $18-$180); FIVE Pure castile soap made from virgin olive oil and shea butter lathers into a perfect foam and has been made the same since 1861-  $10 from Caswell Massey. SIX Privet House chalkboard placards can distinguish anything from your party guests to your buffet food.  $9 for four at your local Target store.

I love so many of these faves today… The terrain vase is such a beauty that if I can’t purchase, I might attempt to DIY… which is your favorite?

This weekend I am really looking forward to spending some quality time at home.  Since we’ve been traveling all over the continent for the last couple months, I seriously need to clean my house and get things in order for Summer.  What is on your weekend agenda?

Have a SPLENDID Friday and weekend!!

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