Friday Faves 6.14

Friday Faves 6.14


ONE for the (pretty good) price of $234 I could have this dreamy cream bicycle to ride around town.  See it, buy it at TWO a leather envelope to carry my important documents is much better than the cram-in-my-day-planner method I currently employ. This one is handmade with lots of love – $150 from ODSY workshop. THREE pretty scalloped basket from jenny rose handmade $43. FOUR gradient blue nesting plates come in a set of five from ceramics shop design lump $207  FIVE this is what I tell myself when I don’t want to wake up early to GSD.  Dreams art print from Note to Self: The Print Shop comes framed at just $33. SIX I love the hexagon pattern of this indigo shibori pillow.  Considering the time intensive handwork that goes into shibori dying, you could understand the $99 price tag. See this and others at Pieffer Studio.

Summer is here in the Souder house (even if it isn’t technically summer yet)!  Is it present for you yet?  Some years I just don’t feel the summery vibe until after the 4th has come and gone, but this year it came early with the sunshine and warm days.

This weekend I am seriously getting a bike.  I’ve been wanting one for a few years now and I am going to bike the bullet! Maybe you’ll see me driving around town!

What’s on your weekend agenda?

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