Friday Faves 7.11

Friday faves 7.11

ONE need to find your way?  This gilded twinkle star looks much like a north star to me – a very elegant, strong take on the starburst we’re seeing in decor. $118 from Plaid Fox. TWO ceramic and driftwood spoons are each handmade of local driftwood from The Owl Perch in Vermont. $25 each. THREE grazie! After spending the last week reading the newest Dan Brown book which takes place in the Italian city of Florence, I’ve found myself wanting to immerse myself in Italian. Grazie porcelain sign from Waiting on Martha for $16. FOUR a little wood-legged stool is simple, but elegant – perfect for slipping on your shoes before you slip out of the door. The Algoma small stool is just $75 from Plaid Fox. FIVE faceted wooden bangles painted in subtle mint are a total fave! $45 from Little Lamb Craft. SIX Do What Matters (forget the rest) are wise words to remember.  Make the remembering easy by hanging this gold foil art on your wall.  $20 from Design Darling Boutique.


Happy Friday, guys!  We’re already midway into July and summer seems to be moving too quickly.  Being on the road or in the air for the past five weekends have left me really craving some quality at-home time.  I feel like I haven’t seen my friends in forever, so I’m eager to see them tonight at the Summer Movie Series we’re hosting.

Aside from preparing for the movie tonight, I’ll be taking care of the garden, weeding my flowers, and doing all of the laundry that builds up after a months’ worth of traveling. Anything exciting on your weekend agenda?


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