Friday Faves 8.24

ONE The Ralph Lauren Prairie Rug is $4800, which is crazy expensive, but I wanted to show it to you guys because I love how neutral it is and how the pattern has so much character.  This could really make a room. TWO Made Tripod Table £89 and has three surfaces for all of your awesome stuff. THREE the only thing better than the Staples and Sundries packaging is the soap $8. FOUR I’ve died and gone to dinnerware heaven.  These blue patterned ceramic beauties want to live in my house.  $185 for a set of four from Horchow. FIVE I’d be glad to be sickly if this were my companion.  Fine Little Day hot water bottle cover, €34.  SIX kraft paper placemats for late summer crab dinners.  Now who wants to invite me to their beach house? Nordstrom, $24 for a whole stack.


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m in San Francisco for the Evernote Trunk conference and I’m just a wee bit nervous to get up on that big stage and talk to 800 people.  That might be why I’m a little fiestier this morning than usual, but I’m going to assume this will work in my favor.

After the conference today, Matt and I are headed to Napa tomorrow for a little relaxation and a lot of wine.  I hope you all have a great weekend lined up!

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