Friday Faves 8.30

Friday Faves 8.30


ONE a mini crystal orb light packs a punch for small spaces and the price is pretty small too!  $80 from Super Light Deal.  I just bought it for my hallway! TWO I love little personalized trinket boxes.  They are great, functional decor for vignettes, dressers, and bathrooms.  This one is $69 from Mark and Graham. THREE little reminders for the start of the school year – even if you’re not headed back to the classroom. Simple reminders pencil set is just $12 from AmandaCatherineDes. FOUR the shape and finish of this cane chair from World Market is perfect, and the price at $120 is pretty perfect too. FIVE kind of a jerk move, I put this on the faves today and then I bought it!  It will look just perfect this fall in my kitchen, so I couldn’t resist.  More great stuff from BeebeLaRue is still available, however (sorry!!). SIX hand knit geometric pillow covers give the right amount of cozy to a couch. $49 each from Arctic Apparel.


My favorite finds this week might show you that I’m amping up for autumn around here.  There is this perfect sweet spot in the year where it’s still warm, the sun shines brightly, but there is an underlying cool to the air and football is on the TV.  This is the time of the year where tomatoes and squash are at their perfect ripeness, farmers markets are teaming with amazing things, and I just revel in it.

My husband is off to a bachelor party this weekend, so I’m going to enjoy the weather, maybe cook a few things with my end of summer produce and work on some projects.  I few of you asked about this rug and I know I’ve been holding out on you, but I’m announcing the source next week!  So hold tight!

Have a FABULOUS Friday and weekend out there!

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